Orthopedic Facilities at Opel Hospital

Orthopedics Services By Opel Hospital In Bavdhan, Pune

To get the best orthopedic treatment in Pune, people should visit Opel Hospital. They have great experience related to all kinds of bone treatment and ailments. It might range from sports injuries to diseases or fractures. They have a special team of experts who can easily perform any type of complex orthopedic cases. The hospital is having innovative and advanced technologies for treating the patients. They have a modern healthcare environment for the patients. The facilities that are required and provided by Opel Hospital for orthopedic treatment are:

Orthopedic problems should not be overlooked. People should rush to hospitals or specialists for the treatment. In Pune, they can surely go for Opel Hospital as it has a solution to all the problems.

  • X-Rays: Modern X-Rays machines are there to determine the exact place of injury or fracture. It can also show the extent to which the fracture has affected. The pathological changes in the lungs can also be checked.

  • Physiotherapy: This is usually required for all the patients in order to have a quick recovery. Opel Hospital has the best team who are expert in physiotherapy and can help patient’s recovery in a faster way.

  • Operation Theatre: Opel Hospital is having a well-equipped operation theatre. All kinds of surgical operations can take place in a sterile environment.

  • Ramp Access and Lift: Opel Hospital care for their patients and so they have special patient-friendly ramps for their movement. The hospital has a proper lift facility also. This creates trust within people regarding the hospital.

  • Backup facilities or generators: During a power failure, Opel Hospital has special generators or backups to give 24*7 electricity to the hospital.