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Pathology Lab in Bavdhan, Pune

Opel Hospital has one of the best pathology labs in Pune. We have a fully computerised pathology labs in Pune for all kinds of tests. We offer screening of cancer, liver diseases, blood abnormalities, heart diseases etc. The pathology services at Opel Hospital recognises that diagnosis of a treatment largely depends on the diagnostic tests. We have the best and most experienced pathology staff to carry out all kinds of diagnostic tests at the most affordable costs. We use the latest technologies, automation initiative, high-quality tools, experienced and educated staff.

Department of Pathology Digital X-Ray

Opel Hospital, Pune offers state-of art facilities and its laboratory is equipped with cutting edge technology which forms an integral part of the patients care. The Lab technicians are supported by a team of highly skilled doctors who bring a plethora of experience and expertise for rare and complex diagnostic cases.
The pathology service ranges from simple blood tests and X-rays test to complex microbial identifications. The lab unit performs the medical tests for detection of diseases and measures the progress of the recovery from various diseases.
Departmental Subspecialties are:
● Biochemistry
● Clinical Pathology
● Cytology
● Haematology
● Histopathology & Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
● Microbiology
● Serology & Immunology

Why Choose Us?

The Pathology department takes care of all the pathological tests for the blood, urine, and different body fluids secreted along with diagnostic tests, radiology, cardiology, and other tests. The Path lab provides a holistic service in Clinical Pathology, Haematology, Serology, Microbiology, and Histopathology. We provide patients digital X-ray services, blood collection, mammography, sonography, Dental OPG, Echo tests, color Doppler tests, stress tests, etc. from the wide range of tests in our pathology department. You require any kind of pathological investigation we have it all at Opel Hospital at the most affordable rates. We offer complete pathological testing packages at the best rates for our patients for preventive health check-ups.