Pediatrician In Bavdhan, Pune - Opel Hospital

Pediatrician in Bavdhan, Pune - Opel Hospital

Opel Hospital is one of the best pediatric hospitals in Pune. We are committed to provide the best childcare services in Bavdhan Pune. We provide a state of arty infrastructure and the latest technological facilities in our child care centre. The pediatricians are highly trained and qualified to deal efficiently with all kinds of pediatric issues with complete success. Our medical team is extremely caring, compassionate and gentle to the children. We strive to provide treatment in the most comforting and caring environment for the children.

We put in time and effort to provide a personalized treatment plan for every child. The needs of every child are different and unique. To meet the need of every child, our specialist’s works in close multi-disciplinary associations with each other to develop an appropriate customized treatment plan for every child. The trained pediatricians, nurses, and technology provides the most accurate diagnostics and effective treatment for every child who comes to Opel Hospital.

Our pediatric department offers round the clock services for a wide array of pediatric medical services. It consists of the various specialities including Asthma treatment center, pediatric cardiology, pediatric therapy centre, physiotherapy centre, speech therapist, growth and development specialists, pediatric surgery and general consultations.

Best Paediatrician Doctors in Pune

Opel hospital has a team of the most qualified, experienced, dedicated and compassionate doctors for its pediatric department. The round the clock services of the specialists and emergency wards ensures efficient treatment for your child. Our team of medical doctors, nursing staff and technicians ensures to maintain a comforting environment for your child and build robust relations with the children and their families.

Opel hospital offers medical care services for a wide range of diseases and conditions in neonates, infants as well as older children. The Paediatric specialists at Opel hospital are available under one roof which makes it a comprehensive child care centre in Pune. The latest technology, state of infrastructure, the team of specialist’s doctors, compassionate team of nursing staff and technicians create a child caring environment to bring out the best outcome and happy smiles on the faces of the small patients.

The Department of Pediatrics

The Department of General Paediatric provides a comprehensive outpatient and inpatient care for the infants, and children up to the age of 18 years old. We deal with a whole range of pediatric issues and strives to keep the children free of diseases. We focus on making them grow into healthy and productive adults. Some of the services we provide for Paediatric services are:

● Child-friendly pediatric inpatient units
● Consultant specialists for outpatient units
● Nutrition counseling
● Adolescent care centre
● Infant care centre
● Pediatric emergency services
● Specialized pediatric departments
● Experienced team of sub-specialty pediatricians
● Highly trained nursing and technical staff

We prioritize the safety and comfort of all our little patients for faster and effective recovery. We have a multi-disciplinary team of subspecialty pediatricians to cater to the needs of every child and provide a customized treatment plan for each of them. We constantly strive to provide excellent child care services in Bavdhan Pune with high-quality medical care and management.

Our specialised paediatrics departments are:
● General Paediatrics
● Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
● Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
● Paediatric Dental Centre
● Paediatric Surgical Services